Football Betting Is Common Worldwide

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A greater margin of error, greater stake. The stake is expressed on a scale of 1-10. Buy a 10% chance at a share of 2.8 is much more valuable than in a share of 1.5.'s why the values ​​are often found on underdogs). To earn 1000 euros a month should do a minimum of 50 bets per month. Herein lies the problem. Normally a player knows two or three leagues (usually because their country is concentrated all the information and broadcasting). Thus is capable of adjusting only the best chance that houses in a few events.

To remedy this problem in which the ratio of fixed capital and the bet is lost, the bet could define as a percentage of our capital. A proportional stake of 1% on our original capital of $ 1,000, we would also lead to a bet of $ 10. However, this time when our capital goes up or down, our bet percentage remains in proportion to the capital.

For starters, always bet the same amount is a good way to reduce risk. So you can avoid errors of judgment and euphoria after winning a series of bets. Also considerably reduce the risk of losing it all.