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As reported by El Pays, is going to make an amendment to the section of the law of income tax so that the new regulations contemplate the taxation net gains or what is the same, shall be allowed a deduction for losses caused by the activity of game. Looking for new way to make money online, then try binary options with us at

Obviously this deduction is not unlimited since there may offset losses elsewhere playing with different in nature and also enjoy far as it will have retroactive "effect from January 1, 2012".

Although they still lack formal ratification by the central government and there are many doubts and questions about this problem which we will talk Betting clearing in, we are probably at the beginning of the end of the legal uncertainty which players were resident in Spanish territory. Willing to make money trading binary options online? then check it here and start making money.

The landing of the major competitions of the Champions League, La Lira, Premier League, Underling and Series A in football, Euro league, NBA or basketball CAB in addition to many other sports such as handball, football or hockey ice, are reason enough for the arrival of new users to the bookies.