Horse Betting

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A stake of 10/10 amounts to bet 10% of bankroll. To set the appropriate stake should be taken as reference sequences%. The system we used was that of 1:5%. That is considering that we started with an advantage of 20% stake will be 4/10. A stake of 10/10 is a bet that we start with an advantage of 50%, which is quite unlikely. Generally the error will range between 1% and 30%.

Suppose that every bet we start with an advantage of 10%. Suppose we play hard. We have a bankroll of 7000 euros and we put on average about 100 euros on each bet. 100 bet at odds of 2 (50%) because we believe that the true odds are 60%.

The EVE or expectation for every bet with these same conditions is 20 euros. (To be clear, I have taken a fee of 2 to simplify the process. Should be borne in mind that the expectation varies depending on the amount and that it is can take into account when determining the amount to bet.

Adding that has ensured that these events are the values, this confirms that a player is limited to make 7 or 8 bets a month on condition always keep abrea