Where To Bet On Various Sports

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Here in Argentina the exciting world of online sports betting is not very explored yet and people do not have much idea about it. The most popular in Argentina sports betting is what we call the PRUDE (PRO: forecasts: sports), consists of a carton in which there are about 15 games of the Argentine soccer division 1 and 2 and sometimes is combined with football other countries, such as football language. The cardboard is purchased in a gambling agency.

For years prude is played here, a traditional game that involves predicting lottery winning or a draw of 13 football games.

As noted it is logical that with the wide range of modern day betting houses, the prude obsolete. In recent years very few people play because it is very difficult to win because there must be 11, 12 or 13 hits to win. With prude could only bet on football games and nothing else.

Outside of Argentina sports betting what most certainly plays is what we know as the Quinn 6 and Predictor. These are games that are made with a certain amount of balls and a boiler, both are televised live.