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The online gambling initiatives through interactive television in countries like Britain or France, will open the way to the development of this model in other European countries. However, due to legal restrictions, is not expected to adopt the U.S. market this model in the medium term.

Bet live during a sporting event and see how they evolve fees as events are happening is a very exciting experience. In this section you will find all the information to make their first live betting.

If for example believes the team is going to dominate the game not to score with a scoring opportunity, you can bet on the tie and / or the opposing team. Indeed, minutes later, that team seems less dangerous and is growing. So you can bet on that team to better share and make money whatever the outcome of the game! The bookmakers have a special window designed to live betting. In this window appear all bets of a meeting. In football, you can bet on the outcome of the game example, the number of goals and the scorers among many other things.