The Extreme Importance of Online Poker Reviews

No matter whether you're looking to play online poker through your laptop or a mobile app, there's one golden rule that you should follow: look at reviews! After all, there are hundreds of poker sites out there. So if you're simply picking a site based on feeling, you could get stung pretty badly. This being said, our first advice to PC and mobile players is to visit for all online poker reviews hub. Our second piece of advice is to pay special attention to the following points when looking over reviews.

Software and Mobile Apps

Your online poker playing experience is going to revolve around how good the software is. So it would be completely awful to settle for a poker site with subpar graphics and a limited amount of helpful features. Moreover, those who want to play poker for Android would be at a loss if they signed up somewhere that doesn't offer an Android app, or at least browser-based mobile play. Considering all of this, be sure to spend a couple of moments studying the software section of PokerStop reviews.

Signup Bonus and Promotions

Some people play internet poker for fun, but most have the dream of winning money at some point. And you can boost your chances greatly by playing at a poker site that offers a generous signup bonus and plenty of promotions. As for the signup bonus, size isn't the only thing that matters; meeting wagering requirements and earning the money is also highly important. So check reviews to see what's required to unlock a bonus. Also read up on what types of long-standing promos are being offered at any online poker rooms you're interested in.

Player Pool and Tournaments

This is a category where players have widely differing opinions, depending on what's most important to them. For instance, some people like a smaller poker room with moderate-to-small tournaments because these sites tend to draw weaker competition. On the other hand, there are plenty of serious grinders who want large player pools and even larger tournaments. Sure, you're going to get more sharks at the big sites, but you also have a better shot at improving your hourly win rate in big tourneys.

Customer Support

Many players often overlook customer service because they feel like every site is the same in this regard. But that couldn't be further from the truth since some internet poker rooms are far superior to competitors when it comes to customer support. Reading reviews is a great way to figure out a site's reputation as far as getting back to players on time and sufficiently answering inquiries.