Basics of NETeller Poker Sites

When you make the decision to play online poker, the last thing you want to worry about is the deposit process. Players want to get their money deposited as quickly as possible so that they can just worry about playing the game. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case at some internet poker rooms. However, you can be sure of quick, hassle-free deposits at all NETeller poker sites. That said, let's discuss the basics of what you can expect when using NETeller for online poker transactions.

What is NETeller?

NETeller is an e-wallet that you can use to both fund and withdraw money from internet poker accounts. The nice thing about using this service is that you can transfer money within seconds, meaning you'll be able to start playing poker as quickly as possible. As for funding your NETeller account, you can use bank transfers, local bank deposits and major credit cards. To open a NETeller account, just visit their website and follow the signup instructions.

Best NETeller Online Poker Sites

Due to the convenience that NETeller offers, many internet poker rooms feature this as a deposit/withdrawal method. But not all NETeller poker sites are on equal footing with each other. So below, we've listed three poker rooms that you'll especially want to consider as a NETeller user:

1. PokerStars
2. 888poker
3. Party Poker

Not just for Online Poker

If you're not really sure about using NETeller for internet poker play, you should definitely consider some of the other uses for this multi-purpose e-wallet. For starters, you can get a Net + card, which allows you to withdraw NETeller funds via an ATM. This card is also an accepted form of payment at many businesses where MasterCard is accepted.

The one thing to note here is that NETeller currently has a very limited reach in the United States because their parent company, Optimal Payments Plc, only operates in legalized gaming markets. But this should change as more US states push to open legalized internet gaming.